Developing a Better Standard of Care


There is a digital disruption occurring as technology is upending traditional paradigms. While more complicated and in many cases, infinitely more important than many other industries, healthcare is starting to participate in this important digital shift. 

Digital Health Corp, a diversified healthcare company that harnesses the power of the latest technology and thinking to accelerate and improve patient recovery at home, understands the power and potential of this evolution. Its network of the most innovative and influential healthcare companies uses evidence-based technology solutions to make the patient recovery process smarter, more personalized, convenient, and less expensive.

This unique and data-driven approach is just one way Digital Health Corp is leveraging technology to develop a new and BETTER standard of care for patients all over the world.


Our Network of Companies


Founded in 2017, Digital Health Corp is comprised of businesses across a range of healthcare and wellness therapies. Digital Health Corp looks forward to expanding its positive patient impact by adding more companies to its network in the future.



Reflexion Health

Reflexion Health is a digital healthcare company dedicated to transforming traditional medicine and improving clinical outcomes by delivering meaningful, patient-centered care at reduced costs.

The Learning Corp

The Learning Corp is a next-generation digital therapeutics company that’s improving the effectiveness, efficiency and delivery of brain rehabilitation. Their award-winning mobile app, Constant Therapy, is designed to give people with brain injury or cognitive disorders direct access to exercises that can rebuild their cognitive, speech,
and language functions.


Our Leadership


Dr. Joseph (Joe) Smith

CEO & President
Digital Health Corp & Reflexion Health

Veera Anantha, PhD

The Learning Corp

walter photo cirlce.png

Walter Cordiglia

Chief Compliance Officer

Digital Health Corp, Reflexion Health and The Learning Corp

Gina Oster


Digital Health Corp, Reflexion Health and The Learning Corp

Michael Evers


The Learning Corp