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What is Digital Health Corp?

Digital Health Corp is a diversified healthcare company that harnesses the power of the latest technology and thinking to create personalized and affordable home-based solutions that accelerate and improve patient recovery from surgical intervention, injury, or illness.

The company is comprised of businesses across a range of healthcare and wellness therapies with an initial focus on virtual physical therapy offered by Reflexion Health, Inc. and The Learning Corp (formerly known as Constant Therapy), a developer of mobile solutions that treat patients with traumatic brain injury, stroke, aphasia, and learning disorders.

Why was Digital Health Corp created?

San Diego-based Digital Health Corp was founded to bring together the world's most innovative and influential healthcare companies that develop solutions for patient recovery and rehabilitation at home. The aligned companies that make up Digital Health Corp will relentlessly focus on making the recovery process smart, personalized, and connected.

By utilizing the insights available from detailed, continuous and objective measurements over its entire population of treated patients, Digital Health Corp will accelerate the optimization of patient rehabilitation and ultimately, recovery.

What companies are part of the Digital Health Corp network?

Reflexion Health, a digital healthcare company based out of San Diego, uses motion-tracking technology to create digital health solutions that help patients receive the benefits of physical therapy in the safety and comfort of their own home. VERA™, their signature solution, is an FDA-cleared virtual exercise rehabilitation assistant that brings the guidance of a physical therapist into the home to coach and motivate patients through recovery from joint replacement therapy, or as a preventative therapy to reduce falls.

The Learning Corp designs mobile applications for continuous and customizable therapy for people with speech, language, cognition, memory, and learning disorders. Born out of groundbreaking research at Professor Swathi Kiran’s laboratory at Boston University, the company's comprehensive set of tools are in use at nationally recognized rehabilitation institutions for stroke survivors, victims of traumatic brain injury (TBI), people struggling with aphasia or dementia, and children who need special education and care due to learning disabilities.  

We are actively looking to expand the companies of the Digital Health Corp. network in order to help more patients recover and rehabilitate.

Who runs Digital Health Corp?

Dr. Joseph (Joe) Smith, currently the President and CEO of Reflexion Health, Inc., is also at the helm of Digital Health Corp.

Is Digital Health Corp a public company?

No.  At this time Digital Health Corp is privately held.