Constant Therapy is Changing its Company Name to The Learning Corp

To better articulate Digital Health Corp’s overall vision of developing and delivering customized therapy solutions that accelerate and improve patient recovery at home, Constant Therapy, a new company within the growing Digital Health Corp network, is being rebranded as The Learning Corp. The Constant Therapy app will not change its name.

“The Learning Corp brand name symbolizes the unique ability of the company’s technology to assess each patient’s progress during recovery and adapt to an individual patient’s performance,” said Digital Health Corp CEO Dr. Joseph (Joe) Smith. "It's a great brand to build as we make the at-home recovery process smarter, more personalized and better connected."

Additionally, with insights made from the large and growing database of more than 40 million specific exercises already performed and analyzed, The Learning Corp's adaptive platform dynamically optimizes the presentation of information and exercises in a way that maximizes individual learning and retention.

The transition from the legacy Constant Therapy company name to The Learning Corp will occur over the next few months to ensure the transition is smooth and seamless for all stakeholders.  The Constant Therapy app will not change its name.