Expanding Digital Health Corp's Portfolio of Transformational, Home-Based Patient Recovery Solutions

Digital Health Corp recently made a significant addition to its growing network with the acquisition of Constant Therapy, a company using mobile technology to successfully treat patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, aphasia, and learning disorders.

Dr. Joseph Smith, CEO

Dr. Joseph Smith, CEO

As the integration of Constant Therapy into the Digital Health Corp network takes shape, we sat down with Dr. Joseph Smith, President and CEO of Digital Health Corp, to learn what the two companies have in common, Digital Health Corp’s goals for the acquisition and what's next for Reflexion Health.

Q. What made Constant Therapy such a great fit for the Digital Health Corp network?

We were very impressed when we first met the Constant Therapy team last year and previewed their technology and outcome data. From that first meeting, it was clear that Digital Health Corp and Constant Therapy were driven by the same goal – create personalized and affordable healthcare solutions that accelerate and improve patient recovery at home.

Constant Therapy’s best-in-class mobile solutions are designed to help patients with stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI), aphasia, and learning disorders. In addition, they readily complement the industry-leading home-based platform for virtual physical therapy from Reflexion Health, another key member of the Digital Health Corp network.

Both companies share a determination to deliver value-based care and we are committed to proving the value of our solutions.  To accelerate our reach and impact, we will be renaming Constant Therapy as The Learning Corp. We feel this new name better reflects the power and expanded potential of Constant Therapy’s underlying “neuro-performance engine.”

Moving forward, Digital Health Corp and our subsidiaries of Reflexion Health and The Learning Corp will continue to distinguish ourselves with the parallel development of “product and proof” — patient-focused products that aid home-based rehabilitation and the clinic-economic data that proves our value proposition.

Q. How will this acquisition expand Digital Health Corp’s portfolio of home-based patient recovery solutions?

Digital Health Corp was founded to bring together the world’s most innovative and effective healthcare companies that target home-based patient recovery and rehabilitation. With its award-winning and clinically proven mobile solutions, Constant Therapy is a perfect strategic complement to the Digital Health Corp network and will significantly expand our ability to make the at-home recovery process smarter, more personalized and better connected. Together, our network of companies offers a growing portfolio of evidence-based solutions that can accelerate and improve patient recovery at home. In fact, we see this as a continuously evolving and customized set of offerings powered by continuous data collection from all treated patients. 

One of the most important opportunities of digital health platforms is that if appropriately constructed, they can build upon aggregated experience to optimize the care of the very next patient.  This ‘learning systems approach” is at the very core of Digital Health Corp,

Q. Tell us more about the transition to the new The Learning Corp company name – why now?

As we said in the news release, we feel The Learning Corp brand name better symbolizes the unique ability of the company’s technology to assess each patient’s progress during recovery and adapt to individual patient performance. 

transitional TLC logo.jpg

Additionally, with insights made from the large and growing database of more than 40 million specific exercises already performed and analyzed, Constant Therapy’s adaptive platform dynamically optimizes the presentation of information and exercises in a way that maximizes individual learning and retention.

We are excited to use the shift to new The Learning Corp brand as an opportunity to tell our story — remind patients and care givers about the amazing benefits and results of our therapies.  For example, June is aphasia awareness month, and this year’s theme centers on a number: 2 million. With 2 million people in the United States experiencing aphasia, The Learning Corp is committed to improving their ability to communicate.

Q. Now that Constant Therapy- or The Learning Corp – is part of a larger network of influential healthcare companies, what’s next?

We are eager to build upon Constant Therapy’s early-stage success by expanding and enhancing its speech, language, and cognitive therapy programs.  These enhancements will be supported by the continued development of a compelling, deep and rich body of clinical evidence under the new The Learning Corp brand name that is unparalleled in this space.

From a Digital Health Corp perspective, we are not only actively looking to expand our network in order to help more patients recover and rehabilitate at home, we will also be strengthening our investment in Reflexion Health. 

Q. Speaking of Reflexion Health, what are your plans for that Digital Health Corp company?

Reflexion Health is a great example of a start-up success.  We saw the potential of virtual healthcare in the physical therapy space and we made it happen.  With offices and customers located all over the country, the company will soon be sharing some exciting partnership news along with the results of its ground-breaking clinical trial with Duke

As a result, my focus at Reflexion Health is on ensuring that the team and our infrastructure are prepared for a tremendous amount of growth while continuing to provide our current customers with the top-notch service they expect from us.

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